Division 15
North Carolina East
Neuse / Trent Rivers Divisional 2 Day Championship
ABA Division 15 - Will Have A 2 Day Divisional Championship Tournament at Neuse / Trent Rivers!! On 8-26-2017 and 8/27/2017
(This tournament was moved from 8-12-2017 and 8-13-2017)


You have to be a member to fish this Tournament.

You have fished in any 4 ABA divisional tournament.


This is a Individual tournament. Non-Boater are welcome.

Boaters please make sure you have a back seat!


Registration starts at 5:00 am and will end at 6:00 am*, Please Note: this is not a team tournament, you will be fishing for yourself. Non-Boater will draw at 6:00 of boat assignments. Please make sure you have a back seat. We will have a short meeting on the water at 6:10 am and launch at 6:15 am or safe light. Tournament ends at 3:00 pm**, weigh-in begins at 3:00 pm. You may trainer your boat before weighing in.



Pay on-line on or before 5:00pm 10 days before, the entry fee will be $140.00.

After 5:00pm 10 days before. The entry fee is $145.00 and you can pay at the ramp.

If you are Active Military you can pay at Ramp $140.00. Please tell me you our active military.


Please note Big Bass is not in entry fee.

We also have a Big Bass Option for $20.00

Big Bass will payout: 

Day 1 Big Bass $5.00 per entry.

Day 2 Big Bass $5.00 per entry.

Overall Big Bass $10.00 per entry.

We also have a Optional Pot For $20.00

9 boats or less 100%, 10 or more boats 70% / 30%.


Optioal Pot will payout: 

Day 1 Optional Pot $5.00 per entry.

Day 2 Optional Pot $5.00 per entry.

Overall Optional Pot $10.00 per entry.


If you are Active Military there is no late fee.
If you are not a member of the ABA you can join at the ramp for $25 and no late Fee.
* If you our going to be late to the ramp please call 252-717-8602 by 6:00 am, if you do not you will not be able to fish!


** If you have a boat problem call ASAP 252-717-8602.

*** If you are going to leave early please call 252-717-8602!